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Connect with a Patient Ambassador

Thank you for your interest in connecting with a Patient Ambassador.

An Enterra Medical patient liaison will reach out soon to schedule a ZOOM call with you and an Enterra Therapy Patient Ambassador. Don’t want to wait for the call? Call us at 1-855-204-0455 and we will schedule your call today.


As a university student in England in her 20’s, Sadila started experiencing symptoms of chronic nausea and vomiting and was told that it was likely due to food poisoning or stress from exams. A three-year journey to find answers was consumed with multiple doctor appointments, treatments, and continued illness. A gastric emptying test (GET) finally revealed a gastroparesis diagnosis and further failed treatments–until she was introduced to Enterra Therapy.


A native of Memphis, Tennessee, Cindy experienced a decades long journey with gastroparesis. With symptoms starting at an early age and multiple treatments with no diagnosis, Cindy’s quality of life declined. After finally being fed up with the nausea and vomiting and just feeling like life was passing her by, she started her own research leading her–and her doctor–to Enterra Therapy.

Patient Ambassador experiences are unique and individual results may vary. 

Patient Ambassadors are volunteers and do not receive a financial payment for participating in the Patient Ambassador Program.  

The information provided is for general educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always talk to your doctor about the best treatment options for your individual situation.

MKT-D-0003, Rev R


Enterra Therapy for treatment of chronic, resistant to medication nausea and vomiting associated with gastroparesis caused by diabetes or an unknown origin in patients aged 18 to 70 years: patients should always discuss potential risks and benefits of the device with their physician.


Authorized by Federal law for use in the treatment of chronic intractable (drug refractory) nausea and vomiting secondary to gastroparesis of diabetic or idiopathic etiology in patients aged 18 to 70 years. The effectiveness of this device for this use has not been demonstrated. What does this mean?