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Patient care pathway

Consider the patient care pathway and full patient selection criteria for your gastroparesis patients when recommending Enterra Therapy:

Care pathways are directed by the physician to reflect their current practice protocols.

Evaluation & Diagnosis

Medical History,
Physical Exam


(no obstruction)

Gastric Emptying Test

(presence of delayed emptying)

First line therapies

Dietary Modifications

  • Gastroparesis diet
  • Glucose control

Pharmacologic Management

  • Prokinetics
  • Antiemetics
  • Cessation of narcotics

Advanced Therapies

Gastric electrical

Pyloric surgery

Other treatments

  • feeding tubes
  • gastrectomy
  • and more

Patient selection criteria for gastric electrical stimulation

  • Symptomatic gastroparesis ≥ 1 year
    • Documented gastroparesis based on 4-hour solid-phase nuclear medicine emptying test
      • 60% ≥ retention at 2 hours
      • 10% ≥ retention at 4 hours
  • Failed dietary modifications
  • Refractory or intolerant antiemetic/prokinetic medications
  • Viable surgical candidate
  • Ages between 18-70 years